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Psychological Organizations

College of Psychologists of British Columbia (CPBC)
Regulatory body for psychologists registered in BC:  http://collegeofpsychologists.bc.ca/

College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP)
Regulatory body for psychologists registered in Alberta: http://www.cap.ab.ca/

The Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists (CRHSP)
CRHSP is the only national credentialing body of clinical health psychologists who have met or exceeded set standards in both education and experience, Referral Service available: http://www.crhspp.ca/

British Columbia Psychological Association (BCPA)
Professional association for psychologists in BC, Referral Service available: https://www.psychologists.bc.ca/

American Psychological Association
National and international association based in the USA: https://www.apa.org/